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GEE. 25y/o. Filipina
In love with the Japanese culture since birth.
Head-over-heels with KAT-TUN, BoA, and B2ST

♫Loyal Subject of Akanishi Jin, HYPHEN, Jumping BoA, Cassiopea, B2UTY♫

Self confessed anime otaku
Loves Jdramas and used to be a JE geek.
Forever fan of the legendary Youtube pianist Kyle Landry (since i was 14, yes when he started on YT) and Mukai Osamu

Had been consumed by the Japanese and Korean entertainment for the past 12 years and i don't see myself from stopping anytime soon.. i usually use twitter to spam so expect a lot of random flailing once you follow me on my twitter acct so if you use twitter and don't want your timeline flooded with my fandom updates, just don't., uh follow. haha~ peace. :))