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How my tumblr page looks like as of this writing. #SHIZUME feels are real. My OTP. </3
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[Spoiler (click to open)]
Hirunaka no Ryuusei was honestly my ideal Sensei-Student romance manga. Yosano Suzume is a really likeable character. She's not fragile and I love how she always has this poker face when she gets flustered. Not like your typical shoujo heroines. Satsuki Shishio sensei's character balances it really well. This "forbidden" teacher and student relationship is so bittersweet. I was honestly rooting for Shishio-sensei to win in the end. I was hoping the manga would've ended up on a future timeframe where Suzume becomes an adult in a few more years and that Shishio wouldn't have given up. My heart still hurts thinking of the actual ending where Shishio was left alone and lonely. I want an alternate ending for this. lol. The live action movie will be airing next year and Miura Shohei will be acting as Shishio sensei. There goes another character for him where, being one of the main guy, he doesn't win in the end. lol pretty much like how his role was in Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto..

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi Live Action

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi / The Town Where Only I Am Missing ("ERASED") was released in Japan on March 2016. Around the same time the anime and manga finished airing.

I just wanted to commend how awesome the two child actors were for this live action adaptation, Rio Suzuki as Kayo and Tsubasa Nakagawa as Satoru. I remember Rio from the dorama with Hikari Mitsushima, Woman (2013) and she did really well for that hardcore drama. And as for Tsubasa, I think this was his first starring role for a movie and he did really well portraying the young Satoru.

The adult casts were awesome as well. What else can we expect from the ever awesome Tatsuya Fujiwara right? As for the storyline of the movie, there were a lot of jumps and skips from the original but I guess that overall, it was an "okay" adaptation. My only major complaint was the ending that was so uncalled for.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
I really do not understand why this even happened???

Can someone please tell me the reason on why they had to kill off Satoru's character in the end? This was nowhere near the anime or the manga.

See, I'm a big fan of the anime and it was one of the best ones that aired during it's season so hearing about the live action got me all excited. The movie started off very nicely until it reached the last 20 minutes of the film. That's when it started to get dirty and messy. lol. So anyway, enough of the rant. Basically made this post just to rant about it. haha

Obsessing over Mackenyu

Just got done with Chihayafuru's live action movies (briliant adaptation, I swear), and I just can't help but obsess a little over how good looking Mackenyu is with his hair down like that!! And I do remember that "scandal" he got into saying that he was already a father and what not... lol. but anyway, he's a pretty good actor nonetheless :)
Some of my favorite screen caps of him from the movie... ♥

Winter 2016 Shows

Winter 2016 Jdrama and Anime that I currently watch. I still have a few more shows that I haven't started yet.



Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai


Kaito Yamaneko


Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 2




Fairy Tail Zero






Musaigen no Phantom World


Prince of Stride


Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu



haven't posted anything on this account for almost 4 years now! omg. >.<


Usagi Drop

and so the series ends.. I just watched the last episode today and I got no better words to describe this soft slice-of-life anime. It’s just simply beautiful. :D Now I could start with the manga and go straight to the 2nd half of the story to meet the “controversial” ending everyone’s been talking about. I also can’t wait to see the live-action movie for this too with MatsuKen and Ashida Mana as leads once available. :)


Jpop: I Hate U by ISSA and SoulJa ft. ?


I Hate U by ISSA and SoulJa ft. a mysterious new singer

I can’t help but fall in love with every single song these two men releases. Whether they collab with another artist or do a song together, the end product is always awesome imo. :)

This sure is a powerful song and heck was I surprised by SoulJa’s “get the fck away” part! His fierceness was all over the place it was great.. and no, I have no idea on who the mysterious girl is. It was reported that she happens to be a model for the ‘TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION‘. She has a nice voice but I didn’t have this “wow” factor from her just yet.. but nice way to get people curious though :)

*not really liking ISSA’s hair now haha but this new song, I am so liking it! what do you guys think? :)




BoA - Eien dance cover

Before I even knew of Kaotsun, Jessica (ikpx10o4i is her username) has always been my favorite YouTube dancer for BoA and DBSK songs. :)) I wonder where she's at now? I hope she comes back soon and upload more dance videos. I kinda miss watching her vids. lol


A netizen who seems to be HYS's hairstylist posted a writing.

Claiming she is HYS's hair staff, she posted words of disappointment on her Twitter on the 17th.

She said, "I just can't believe this situation as someone who has
seen her up close and did her hair for a long time. The people who say
bad things about her, are you really going to believe what the people
who don't even know her say rather than those who are close to her? If
that's true, how honest are the people in the entertainment business to
make someone work all through the night and stress them out and then
write reports to their favor? They kept her up for 2 weeks and when she
crawled back home she laid her head to rest on the sofa for a bit and
woke up late. She got ready quickly and went on site. If the director
did have any common sense, shouldn't he have been shooting a scene which
doesn't involve her while waiting? But he didn't and just wasted time
and the actress who suffered from this became a rude senseless person in
a second. There is no human consideration here".

She continued, "As a woman, isn't it weird to
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K-pop meme (reposted from tumblr)

What/Who got you into kpop?

BoA’s songs.. after trying to imitate her My Name dance. haha XD

Favourite boy group?


Favourite girl group?

CSJH, Brown Eyed Girls

Favourite idol group overall?


Other groups you love?

TVXQ, Big Bang, BEG, Miss A

non-idol groups: Epik High, Nell, Eloise

Rank your favourites from each of your stated groups above?

Changmin, Seungri, Gain, Min

Tablo, Jong Wan, Sung Jae

Favourite pairings from each of your stated groups?

None. I’m the type of fan who doesn’t really care for pairings like that. lol.

Favourite idol group pairings?


BEAST and 4minute

Big Bang and Wonder Girls (i used to realllly like WonderBang)

Miss A and SISTAR

Favourite solo female singer?

BoA, Younha, DIA, Han So Ah

Jyongri (if she ever decides to make a Korean debut haha ^^)

Favourite solo male singer?


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